Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Sometimes I feel...

Sometimes I feel,

Why we were born alone

and supposed to live together..?

Why we were born soft

and supposed to live in this rough world..?

Why we were born different

and supposed to be equal..?

Why we were born wild

and expected something called ‘humanity’..?

God! Why you created worst

and asks for the perfect..?

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  1. We were not born alone
    and we do not live together
    We were not born soft
    and this world is not so tough
    We were not born different
    and not supposed to be equal
    We were not born wild
    and most of us do not care 'humanity'
    It is not the God
    but we have to go for "Perfection"

  2. we should rethink about our way to 'perfection'. is it the correct way? we all should think...
    thanks for commenting sir!

  3. මේ හැමදේම මහා බොරුවක් කියලා මට හිතෙනවා මල්ලී..

  4. එක්තරා දුරකට අපි හැමෝම ගිලිලා ඉන්නේ බොරුවක තමයි. ඒ බව තේරුම් ගැනීමත් වැදගත් කියලයි මට හිතෙන්නේ...
    ප්‍රතිචාරයට තුති!

  5. have to think twice ..............


    why do you spent time for this ?
    - Most of blog readers do not have



  6. your question is not clear mate. what do mean by this? "[

    why do you spent time for this ?
    - Most of blog readers do not have



  7. it's just joke

    you published this poem on last month but I came yesterday.....................

    So I write something like ur poem. From That I ask 'Y did u write this? I have not time to come here to make and simple comment'

    ple take it as simple...................

  8. oh! I got it! :D anyway, I don't worry about comments bro. cz I know that I won't get much for this type of blog. I don't think anyone find something interesting to read here. so it's not fair to keep much hope about comments.
    But no doubts, comments will always encourage a blog writer. So thanks a lot for your comment brother! :) :)

  9. What you said?
    hehe, you can't say like that. I'm always coming to your blog and try to understand what you really want to say.
    mostly the way of thinking of yours is same as me.. so I love this blog, my little brother.. don't be worry.

  10. great pleasure to know brother! :) :) but I believe that it's not fair to ask for comments from my readers. If I write something heart touching they will leave a comment. I'm not going to force them. If there's one person who really enjoys my writings that's more than enough for me. And now I know there are few! :D
    Thanks a lot bro!

  11. @.::පිස්සා::.
    I follow you from the date I started blog reading ... [ only for blog reading :P ]

    I Read and comment most of blog But use following condition to make and comment
    if I can absorb some kind of fun/knowledge or anything valuable form it ]

    මලේ දැට්ස් වයි අයි කම් හියර් ඇන්ඩ් ෆයින්ඩ් අවුට් නිව් පොස්ට් ........

  12. @ wap- I know it very well Wapo. You try to help people as far as you can. I m really appreciated about you Wapo.. but we need some time to isolate the real friends who encourage us .

    @ Athuraliya malaya- now you can be happy. two or more people who really like your blog malli.. we are with you.. keep on writing..

  13. @.::පිස්සා::.
    Thanks macho ... Ple read again ur comment putting ".::පිස්සා::. " instead of "WAP"

    "but we need some time to isolate the real friends who encourage us"

    100% .... [ Real Friends are behind to us always when the day we isolate ]

  14. wow! i see some people have met here!!! :D :D
    thanks both of you! thanks a lot! I'm soooo happy!!! :D

  15. Why we were born naked
    and spent millions for cloths..?

  16. as many questions I've got in my life I don't have a answer for this question. :P
    thanks for the comment! :)