Sunday, February 14, 2010

My migration to Linux

This blog post is related to my personal Linux experience. First I've to apologize for using English language in my Sinhala Unicode blog site. But I think when we are talking about technology, still it is easy to use English language, because some IT terms are not much familiar with our language.

Since I got to know that I'm using pirated copies of Windows and other software, my mind was filled with guilt. But because of my very poor computer knowledge (I'm not saying my knowledge is good now, but at that time the condition was relatively worse) there was no other option unless using them even with that guilt. My time was passing with computers and I heard about Linux and later about FOSS. There I found the freedom I was searching. Source code was the last thing on my mind and just wanted to be a legitimate user. As an O/L student, I installed my first Linux OS (Mendrake Linux???) after trying several times. Woof! That was a tough job for me. But after succeeding in installation, even seeing those lines 'loading linux kernel...’ delighted me. I always wanted to be a geek and behind the word 'Linux' I saw that geekness. But unfortunately my first Linux experience ended in few months after realizing that being a computer geek is not easy as they appear on Sci-Fi movies. I had to give up and stay as a 'stupid Windows user', but never doubted the power of open source software and the importance of using FOSS as a developing country. I was glad to see Microsoft agents hanging around Sri Lanka with their business eye because I knew that their arrival will cause for a big change in software industry (positive???). But only IT professionals saw it as a good change because only they knew the benefits of being exceptional and ethical.

Same as my previous blog posts (including few posts in my computer with no endings) this post also going to be too long. So I mark the end of this post from here. The rest of my story and my future steps on Linux will be published as new blog posts. I think I’ve used to exploit the freedom in blogging by writing crazy notes like this.


  1. Mchn...resolution problem1 mokakda???...eka update hardware driver eken vga eka update karala balapan...magenam eka hari giya mchn....

  2. mage dote kale 32MB VGA ekak ban.. :( I've to try some more..